Getting to know Kory Ellis

Kory Ellis here, giving you the inside scoop on some of the things we have in the works over here at GBC Motorsports. As a former professional ATV racer I’m using my expertise and connections to help GBC continue to develop and produce great products while also bolstering our racing efforts. I’ve mostly been working on the sales side of things here at GBC, so I’m excited to see what we can do in the future.

GBC Motorsports has been popular in the ATV/UTV world for years, thanks to successful lines like the Grim Reapers as well as various sand tires. We pride ourselves on producing tires to help you conquer whatever terrain you might encounter, whether you’re out racing in an off road series or cruising around the desert on a weekend.

Our Bomb Squad tires have been a huge hit so far. With some help from Wes Miller over at H-Bomb Media and Bomb Squad Racing we’ve put together a solid line of MX tires for all ATV riders, from racers to hobbyists. These tires are unique because of the tread is literally made up of little Bomb Squad logos! These things aren’t just flashy though. We’ve gotten some great feedback from racers in many different circuits who love what these tires are capable of. These Bomb Squad tires are really our first true motocross-style tire, so we’re looking to use these to grow GBC’s presence in the racing world.

Right now at GBC, we’re looking to grow our racing efforts and support more of the top riders out there. We currently have contingency programs in place for the GNCC as well as Mid East Hare Scramble and the Iowa ATV Hare Scramble series. We are looking to get the GBC Motorsports brand into more outdoor series so that we can continue to support the riders that use our tires and deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and racing success.

Keep an eye out for some new products coming from us very soon. With development ideas from racers like myself, Tim Farr and Keith Little, we’re confident that we can come up with some exciting new tires in the coming months.


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