Notes From the Road with Keith Little

Hello everyone, my name is Keith Little, but I’m known to most everyone at the ATV Nationals as “Captain Little”.  I have been racing ATV’s professionally at the National level for the past fifteen years.  During which time I have enjoyed a very exciting and rewarding career with 16 Pro class wins, amassed 44 podium finishes, 56 top five finishes, and won a Pro title in 2004.  As a racer, one of my favorite aspects of racing is the testing and development of new products for ATV’s.

After many years of racing I’m excited to be switching gears from rider to my new position with GBC, where I will be helping further develop the Bomb Squad tire and also recruiting new members for the MX race team.   Traveling the National Circuit for so many years I understand the demands racing ATV’s has on both the rider and the equipment.

I suppose you’re all interested in what’s been going on out on the road. Currently we are midway through the season and are showing great progress on the track, thanks to a little R&D work along the way.   We have established a huge presence at the track with the Bomb Squad tire.  GBC’s Pro rider Travis Moore, a “rookie” this season, has been in contention for a podium finish on several occasions. Travis has pulled several great starts, and looks for a podium finish soon.  Both Pro-am riders Nick Moser and Jamen Davidench are running strong each race, and have both overcome a few setbacks this season.  Moser had had a few podium finishes and is hungry for his first win.

It’s summer, which means all the racing you could ever want! Stay tuned and check back in for some more updates from the road. With so many great riders in different series around the country, we’ll have plenty of race reports, tips and demos, and product development to share with all of our fans in the coming months. In the meantime, take a look at our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for all the latest from GBC Motorsports. Happy racing!


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