November’s GBC Fan of the Month: Morgan Overstreet

GBC’s Fan of the Month for November is Morgan Overstreet from Bedford, Virginia! Congratulations Morgan!

What kind of ATV do you ride?     Polaris 850xp

What kind of riding do you do mostly?     Cross Country

What is your favorite ride destination?     My own trails

Anything you’d like to add?     “Every sport is different. They all have their natural born leaders. This is one sport that is never the same, that may look easy but once you try you will soon realize it’s not. This is one sport that takes a special person to excel in it. This sport isn’t for everyone but it is for me. I am an ATV rider.”

Nicely said, Morgan! Thanks for your being a fan of GBC Motorsports and congratulations on being our Fan of the Month!

Want to be a GBC Fan of the Month? It’s easy! Just take a quick minute to fill out this form and you might be chosen next.


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