Week 1 Decorating Ideas!

It’s the middle of week one, and that means only a few days left to decorate your ATV/UTV for the Holidays. Having a little trouble getting started? Here are a few ideas that may be able to get those creative juices flowing;

1. Get crazy with lights! A few of the superstores have some packs of pretty neat lights for around $5.00. Pick up a few and make your Quad shimmer. There are also some pretty neat looking icicle lights in multiple colors.

2. Wreathes with holly! Go classically classy with a nice wreathe and a red bow, throw some candy canes on there, maybe an ornament or two. You could even hang some mistletoe by the driver’s side!

3. I hear the reindeer could be getting pretty old, maybe you could help out santa somehow?

4. Gingerbread houses are overrated, maybe you could create a Gingerbread Quad! Sounds tasty.

5. Go all out and wrap up your Quad as a present with a big bow!

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Here are some inspirational photos we’ve found on the web, just for some additional ideas; And, for even more motivation, here are some photos of what you can win for entering!

Happy Decorating!


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