Holiday Contest – Letters to Santa Winner

Congratulations to Keith Becker, winner of this round of our Holiday Contest! We got some amazing Letters to Santa and were blown away by the creativity of our fans! Take a look at all of the submissions below, along with our prize-winner. (Note: Winner was chosen at random from the list of people who submitted letters on our Facebook page or sent to

Keith Becker – Winner

Dear Santa,
I know that this is probably the 10th letter I sent. I just wanted to let you know not to forget me! I have been a very good boy. I have not been bullying or cussing and I have even earned my Eagle Scout. I know you dont care about that at all. But I know you love quads. How do I know? Well, I kinda guessed. This year I achieved a lot. Some of these is clearing all the jumps at my motocross track, even the 65 foot one on my 400. I even got a concussion at the pro track in Fernley, NV. I rode my LTZ 400 over 280 this year alone. I know you’re jealous and proud of me! Also I bought a KFX 450R. This is the best toy ever. I am taking it to Speedworld MX, AZ to ride on their track on this Dec 24. Maybe you want to deliver early to come ride? I have been a real good riding buddy this year! I wait for all my dirtbiker friends to catch up after leaving them in the dust. I pull over and turn my atv off to let the horses pass. And I go 10 mph on the side of public roads. I just wanted to let you know that the atvs I have will help you beat the elves up competition hill. I know they cheat by using dirtbikes but a quad is the way to go. I also think that you can use it as a sleigh. A Raptor will get you up in the air in no time. I mean it got more reindeerpower ( horse power) and fuel effiecent. Also it will help you get through the factory without getting exercise.  I know you’re busy, but I need to get to the real point of why I am here. Below is my list of what I want.
1. All the parts to finish making a replica Josh Creamer Kfx 450r
2. Dustin Wimmer replica LTR 450 quadracer
3. Bill Ballance replica Yfz 450r
4. Joe Byrd AMA race winning TRX 450R
5. GBC bombsquad tires to fit all the atvs above.
6. A motocross track made for quads
7. A signed John Gallahger chest protecter( too obvious)!
8. Last but least is for you and your elves to have an atv.
I know that’s a lot to ask for and my tree or garage may not be big enough, so you can leave it on the lawn and you can leave the map to the motocross track under the tree. I hope you enjoy your holidays and get out to ride your new atv! Merry christmas!!!
Best wishes,
Keith Becker

Thanks for the great letter Keith and congrats once again. All of our submissions were creative and a lot of them had a nice personal touch. Thank you all for sharing with us and for taking the time to participate in our Holiday Contests. We’ve enjoyed the fun and look forward to more! Below are the rest of the Letter to Santa submissions.


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