Introducing our April Fan of the Month: Kevin Howard

Our Fan of the Month for April is Kevin Howard, from Gatlinburg, TN. Congratulations on being selected, Kevin, and enjoy the GBC Motorsports baseball cap! Find out more about Kevin below, and don’t forget to enter  to be a GBC Fan of the Month in the future!

GBC:  What kind of ATV/UTV do you ride?

KH:  2010 Honda Rancher 420

GBC:  What kind of riding do you do mostly?

KH:  Trails

GBC:  What is your favorite ride destination?

KH:  Hatfield-McCoy Trails

GBC:  What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened on a ride?

KH:  While hitting some mudholes at Durhamtown plantation, my wife who was following me decided to stop following me and go wide open through a mud hole instead of slowly exploring it the first trip through. The first one she entered was about 4 feet deep with vertical edges. Needless to say it took everyone in our group to get her out! No injuries, which is why we can laugh now, but I heard her over the sound of my ATV and from about 50 feet away hit into the wall of the mud pit.

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