2012 Dirt Series Contingency – New Series, Over $20,000 in GBC Bucks

BC Motorsports is excited to announce that they will be offering their GBC Bucks contingency program at the new MX/ATV/UTV racing series dubbed the Dirt Series. There is more than $2,600 in GBC Bucks up for grabs at each round, making a grand total of more than $20,000 for the series.

The makers of the popular Friday Night Lights summer and fall MX/ATV race series have developed a new race series for local riders of all levels to compete at various tracks and locations in southern California. The first race of the series is May 20th at Cahuilla Creek in Anza, CA. For more information on the series including the season schedule, class breakdown, entry fees and to register for races, visit www.dirtentertainment.com/dirt-series.html.

To participate in the GBC Bucks program for the Dirt Series, you must complete a GBC Bucks form for each event and return by mail or fax to the following:

 Attn: Rider Support
222 S. Harbor Blvd.  Suite 700
Anaheim, CA 92805
Fax: 310-694-9109

In order to qualify for the awards, riders must use GBC tires on all four wheels of their ATV or UTV and must also display GBC decals on the front and both sides of their vehicle. Riders must complete a tech inspection and get their GBC Bucks form signed by the tech. GBC Bucks will be awarded for top 3 class finishes. The forms must be returned within 30 days of the date of the event.

Click image of form for full size version

Forms may be printed in advance and brought to the races for tech inspector signature, and forms will also be available at registration at each event. Any questions should be directed at sponsorship@greenball.com.


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